Fastest Growing Professions In US Till 2020

The economic downfall across the globe has set up new trends in growing professions. The basic professions, which are highly required to hold a country’s existence, are now replaced by other professions. The highest paid jobs are not of doctors and industrialists now. They are some different names.

Personal Financial Advisor

With a job growth increment up to 30% from 2010 to 2013 (and 2020 predicted) personal financial advisor is one of the most needed and most growing professions these days. The fluctuating economy has joggled the businesses and the businessmen cannot rely on their own decisions while investing even a few thousand dollars. Astonishingly, the aging financial servicemen are more in demand than the fresh blood.

Database Administrator

With a projected job growth chance of 31% (evidence and prediction), database administrators are high in demand as the data is now almost fully converted on the database systems from paper. In order to protect the security threats, the businesses are more interested in hiring professional database administrators.

Market Research analyst

The projected job growth chance is 41% for market research analysts. The analysts believe that the consumer needs are changing from day to day now. The need for knowing their true consumption graph is high.

Physical Therapy Assistant

With a 46% job growth chance, the profession of physical therapy assistant is very high on the graph. The analysts believe that as the US population control programs have successfully operated since 40 years the number of older generation is more than the younger generation.

Software Developer

If you have the technical expertise in software development, creativity and analytical sense of market, then you are ideal to fit into the 30% need of this profession in America, and the need is continuously increasing. However; the mid-aged people, from 30 to 40 years of age are more in demand, provided they are experienced.

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